Need to finish the story.

So I was talking today with my Sister and my gram, and I realized I never finished her story on here.  Even worse I am not sure where the documents are saved.  I am hoping that I have it on Google docs, or I will have to try and salvage my old hard drives and look through them for any files that might pertain to her story. 

Next, or second, the best course of action is to look through all my paper documents and figure out where her story is, hopefully, I didn't get rid of her handwritten story.  I remember that wanted to get more information as I did not believe it was truly finished.  Parts of the story were jumped over where I think there could be some more information. 

I will have to see if there is anything else she remembers also to get it added.  Time to get my parents to start writing their stories I guess also, we need someone who can keep account of the family right? 

So far we have Part 1 and Part 2, hope to get Part 3 up here soon, will see.

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