Vlad Tepes Genealogy

 Going off my previous post about the book The Historian.   I wanted to see what I could actually find out about the real Vlad Tepes and see how well it was in line with the book, which I doubt is pretty acurate, up until the true information gets a little unrecorded. 

After a quick search I found a bit of information about his family, not sure if the line is alive today, I found one mention were the line was gone as the last male did not have an heir.  I guess thier is also a TV show called Bloodlines which might have had some information about him.  I think the last known heir I could find was:  Stephen George Tespesh (1845), it does not show he married, or had any children according to these documents. 

If anyone can find out any more information I am sure it would be interesting, and if I happen to find anything else I will also let everyone know.

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