Currently, I have Peter Toomey and Anastasia Cullen in my tree which is at a brick wall.  I was told that they were from England, but documents keep contradicting this.  Some state England others state Ireland.     No body in the family really remembers where this side of the family comes from but most state England.   Problem is I have not been able to find any of those names in England. 

In this, I have found a Peter Toomey and Anastasia Cullen on who has had a few children but they don't line up with any family members, and or birth years.   

Not sure if its a match at this point.   So all these are from Dublin, so I would say at least they are the same family. (maybe not my family)

Still trying to find proof of where the family came from.  Looking for Immigration records, ect.

So my Line
Peter Toomey (1846) -Anastasia Cullen (1847)

Ann Toomey 1858 England 
Peter Toomey 1863 Ireland
James Toomey 1874 Ireland
Lawrence Toomey 1875 PA
Jannie Toomey 1887 England

First one is Anne Toomey  (Dublin) 1856

This next one is Jacob Toomey 10 April 1861 (Don't know of a Jacob)

Next is James Toomey (I have a James in my tree)  but the wrong year - mine is 1864

Last I have Johanna, the closet I have is a Jannie Toomey but she was born in 1882 (roughly)

Last thoughts:  I know dates/locations can be off as not everyone was 100% truthful in providing the information, or it was just not known.  If anyone has any ideas of how to break past the wall, either through better verification of the family members or something let me know. 

So I am pretty sure I found Patrick Geraghty (Gerrity) in Mayo, Ireland on FindAGrave.  The year is right, the wife's name, and son's name is accurate along with the location.  The problem is that Jane is not listed at the cemetery currently.  I have requested photo's for the Patrick Geraghty and Thomas Geraghty tombstones, and requested if Jane is near could they photo/add her to the list.   Does not get me any further back in my research, but it does help align dates (birth/death), and

This, in turn, could help me go another generation back in my research, currently, my birth dates are using ABT and a year, which is fine, just not altogether helpful.   
The other through a post on one of the many DNA groups I am part of I saw a post about educational discounts for 23andme DNA tests.  I put if off to the side not really thinking about it till today.   I really didn't even think there would be any sort of discount, but 23andMe does.

Ancestry $79 (20$ off) but the real winner here is the Ancestry+Heath which is $99.  And all you need is a .edu email account.  I even tried it with my old university account which is still active.  It was valid and got a link sent to my school email. 

With the link, I was able to get to the check-out of 23andMe for 99$ for the full test. 

It has been a long while since I have done a once over on my tree and see where I stand on certain lines, but I decided tonight to see if I could make any headway. 

Gerrity (My line Scranton, PA)-  I am still stuck at Patrick Gerrity and Jane Sheridan.  I know that they came from Mayo, Ireland and I believe that they stayed there and that the 3 daughters came to America, but its been hard to validate the right Patrick Gerrity/Jane Sheridan, or maybe I have been overthinking it. 

Either way, Patrick Gerrity (abt 1833) and Jane Sheridan (abt 1841) had at least 3 daughters:
Bridget Gerrity  (b 1885) - My line (married Lawrence Toomey)
Winifred Gerrity (b 1881) - John Brady
Anna Gerrity  (b 1872)  -  William Mckenna

I also have an image where it says that 2 were twins out of the three, but no family remembers which, and all the data that I have currently shown different years of birth.  I would think with a name like Winifred it should be easy to figure out the family, but I could not find an immigration record for her, maybe she was married before arriving?

The next family that has a brick wall is the Toomey line. (Lived in Scranton PA)
Lawrence Toomey married Bridget Gerrity.

Lawrence parents are
Anastasia Cullen and Peter Toomey.  (both abt 1847)

Now family says they were from England, but I think all information leads back to Ireland for this family.  I do have death certificates for both Anastasia and Peter (well Ancestry does, and I currently do not have a subscription.)

The third family would be Maczek

Johan Maczek (1820) Czech or Austria birth who married Josefa Podmola
-Child Anton Maczek - married Marie Pergal. 

I found Anton birth/marriage and it mentions a last name change from Macek to Maczek. 

I recently have been playing around with the new Family Tree Beta on 23andMe.  I was a little confused with it since I was unsure of which side parental/maternal should be on some lines, but was able to get it figured out eventually.

It was cool to try and figure out where the DNA matches were in my tree, which I had to bounce off of my Ancestry tree to narrow down the relationship.   This also enabled me to provide much-needed information about our connection when contacting relatives. 

I just wish more of my relatives had done their DNA on 23andMe to see the extent of the tree that you can create on the Family Tree Beta.

Since the last time I had checked out the new feature, it looks like they have conducted some refactoring, which I don't see anything radically different except it flipped the paternal/maternal placement in my tree.  I am sure there are some changes in the background that are not too evident.  
So I was talking today with my Sister and my gram, and I realized I never finished her story on here.  Even worse I am not sure where the documents are saved.  I am hoping that I have it on Google docs, or I will have to try and salvage my old hard drives and look through them for any files that might pertain to her story. 

Next, or second, the best course of action is to look through all my paper documents and figure out where her story is, hopefully, I didn't get rid of her handwritten story.  I remember that wanted to get more information as I did not believe it was truly finished.  Parts of the story were jumped over where I think there could be some more information. 

I will have to see if there is anything else she remembers also to get it added.  Time to get my parents to start writing their stories I guess also, we need someone who can keep account of the family right? 

So far we have Part 1 and Part 2, hope to get Part 3 up here soon, will see.
I know its a generic heading for this post, I want it to be that for this.  I am trying to be vague as possible right now as I am doing some searching for a connection to a family that is not black and white.  There is no "documentation" connecting them, just a DNA test.   

Currently the DNA test sits about 3rd cousins, but the match is on both Paternal and Maternal lines.  I am going to have to build a rough tree and work forward from there with all the known lines for both sides of the families, and go from there.

I think I will use Ancestry to build the temporary hidden tree, so I can also place some additional information in the tree like CM details.   I am also working with a Facebook group called DNA detectives which is a great group of people who teach, and help others find those hard connections. 

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