Trying to this again to see if anyone might be able to assist, or notice something I may have missed in the process.

I know of three sisters  Bridget, Anna, and Winifred in my family from Mayo, Ireland (as best as we can guess).

Bridget Gerrity B 7 Jun 1885, Ireland (according to death cert)
married Lawrence Toomey  24 Jun 1907 (PA) (according to marriage) - no parents listed
died 27 Oct 1955 (PA) - Scranton
Parents listed:  John Gerrity/Mary Sheridan
Possible hit (based off Patrick/Jane)

Anna Gerrity b. 1872 (according to census/marriage)
married William Mckenna  8 Feb 1890 (marriage record) - parents listed: Patrick Gerrity/Jane Sheridan
Died: after 1930 (was found in 1930, cant find her in 1940)
Possible Hit 

Winifred Gerrity b 1881 (according to census/immigration)
married John Brady 26 Apr 1911
died 19 Apr 1971 Scranton, (no death cert) (tombstone)
Possible Hit

And now I found another name that might be connected.

Mary M. Roache (Gerrity) b. 1863
married William Roache
died May 4, 1921 (death cert) - lists Patrick Gerrity and Jane Sheridan as parents.

Other names whos parents are Patrick Gerrity/Jane Sheridan

Thomas Gerrity - he is on the same immigration as Winifred.
Jane Gerrrity
Margaret Gerrity

What I need to do is find relatives of either Winifred or Anna that are still alive, my tree only goes to about 1930's with that side of the family, guess I have somewhere to start looking.

19 Apr 1971 

Looking back over 2015 I see a made a couple of "big" achievements in research even though I was not 100% active all year long.   I think the biggest find would be for the Maczek family and the birth record for my Franz Maczek in 1869 in Vienna.

I always knew that he was born in Vienna in 1869 but there was never any documentation that I could find to prove it.  With some help from GenTeam and their mailing lists I was able to search through Matrica's online database and narrow down my search.   With help with translation I was able to confirm not only his birth information but that of his parents.

I have not taken it a step past that information just yet, but that has been a long time coming.   The original blog post about finding Franz Maczek.

The other big achievement is editing and posting my gram's story, I have 2 parts to it already up, and editing/adding more information for the next part hope to have that up here soon also.

At the end of 2014 I posted about FamilySearch year in review showing how many records/databases have been updated, so as we close out 2015 here are some statistics.

Last year FamilySearch updated/added a total of 553 collections/records, in 2014 that number was 770.  Currently FamilySearch has 2055 collections available online.  Once again this does not go into all the details of how many actual records were updated/added, just the number of collections.  Just because the amount of collections were lower then last year does not mean that less records were also added.  It has been hard to keep an accurate list of all collections added for the year, and which ones were just updated.  

For a little while I was posting all new collections that were happening in 2015, and will post that short list here, mind you this is not a full list of new collections, but the ones that I actually were tracking.

  • Florida, Fort Lauderdale Crew Lists, 1939-1945 
  • Kentucky, Vital Record Indexes, 1911-1999 
  • Italy, Pesaro e Urbino, Urbino, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1866-1942 
  • United States, Freedmen's Bureau Hospital and Medical Records, 1865-1872 
  • Hungary Civil Registration 
  • Utah, Uintah County Marriage Records, 1888-2015 
  • Utah, Uintah County Naturalization and Citizenship Records, 1888-1929 
  • Utah, Uintah County Land and Property Records, 1888-2004 
  • Utah, Uintah County Discharge Records, 1893-2009 
  • Italy, Grosseto, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1851-1907 
  • Italy, Cremona, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1744-1942 
  • Italy, Pesaro e Urbino, Pesaro, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1808-1813, 1861-1865 
  • Italy, Ragusa, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1900-1940 
  • Philippines, Negros Occidental, Roman Catholic Diocese of Bacolod, Parish Registers, 1755-1976 

Also to keep things in perspective here is some collections that have been updated with numbers from previous years:

United States Census: 1860 2013: 5,302,012
                                             2014: 27,106,888
                                             2015: 27,150,234

Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910   2012: 8,887,032
                                                                                           2014: 13,829,59
                                                                                          2015: 13,834,866

United States World War II Draft Registration Cards   2014: 10,047,318
                                                                                         2015: 19,970,480

Having read through all the responses from the request for assistance after finding documents over at matricula that could be tied to my MACZEK line of family I can now say with 100% certainty that I have found Franz Maczek's parents.

This is another brick wall that I was finally able to move, I do not think I can say I broke through the wall just yet, but pushed it a bit farther back.  From what I can gather from the documents is that the Family name was Macek and was later changed (1912) to Maczek.   This could be a distinction for the moving from Vienna, to Prague, and the use of the c vs cz in names (at least that is what I understand at the moment.

So currently I now know that Franz Maczek' father was Anton Maczek and that his mother's name was Maria Pergal (spelling might be off hard to read).  And that they were married in 1869 in Vienna, the same year that Franz was born.  

Further information was found showing the marriage of Anton Macek and Maria Pergal, listing both of their fathers names.  Anton's father was Johann and Maria's father was Stephan.

Here is a link to the file:  Marriage

Anton Maczek marriage is on the first row, and it seems like it might give the birth dates of each of them as I see it shows 841 next to Anton and next to Maria it shows 842.  It also shows 869 at the end of the row.  This document is in 1869, I am guessing that they took off the 1 for some reason.  If  anyone does look at the document and can give me any more insights that would be great.  Sorry for some reason I was unable to post a picture of it.

Its been a long time since I have made a post, but I decided to start searching again tonight, and I believe I may have found one of my brick walls.  Franz Maczek born 1869 in Wahring.  I was at after doing some generic searches over at Genteam (if you have family in Austria/Germany use that site, its free and they add to it constantly.

But back to the point. I am attaching two photo's and I need help translating these.  Quick look states that its a Franz Macek (not Maczek) but there is a note on the second one where the name Maczek was used.  Its shows his parents name.  So what do you all think.

Here is the first picture where it got my hopes up.  But as you can see half of the page is covered.  Not to worry the page before is the same image with the covered page on the right side next.

Maczek Page 1
Maczek Page 1

Ok folks here is pages 2

Maczek Page 2
Maczek Page 2

If anyone can translate or help steer me in my search please leave a comment below.  
I know everyone is always looking for a deal, and what better deal is there then free access. This post is kind of late to the party but Fold3 is allowing free access to Revolutionary War Records on its site for free from the 1st of July to the 15th of July.

Currently Fold3 has 565, 058 record available that pertain to the Revolutionary War.  In case anyone does not know what Fold3 is:
 Fold3 (an product that provides convenient access to US military records, including the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served.

The first week of July has passed and with it the 4 of July.  I did not list updates for FamilySearch as I was on vacation.   As of today FamilySearch is sitting at 2018 collections, this is four more then last time I provided an update.   For last week though FamilySearch was sitting at 2016, so there were only two new collections.  I am only listing what was available as of the 5th of this month. 

The following collections are the NEW for this week:

Florida, Fort Lauderdale Crew Lists, 1939-1945
Kentucky, Vital Record Indexes, 1911-1999

The following collections were UPDATED this week:

Spain, Province of Huelva, Municipal Records, 1760-1950 414,687  *01 Jul 2015
Spain, Province of La Coruña, Municipal Records, 1648-1941 552,202  *01 Jul 2015
Spain, Province of Córdoba, Municipal Records, 1509-1947 2,079,756  *01 Jul 2015
North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970 Browse Images  *01 Jul 2015
Florida Marriages, 1830-1993 1,774,692  *01 Jul 2015
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