I know everyone is always looking for a deal, and what better deal is there then free access. This post is kind of late to the party but Fold3 is allowing free access to Revolutionary War Records on its site for free from the 1st of July to the 15th of July.

Currently Fold3 has 565, 058 record available that pertain to the Revolutionary War.  In case anyone does not know what Fold3 is:
 Fold3 (an Ancestry.com) product that provides convenient access to US military records, including the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served.

The first week of July has passed and with it the 4 of July.  I did not list updates for FamilySearch as I was on vacation.   As of today FamilySearch is sitting at 2018 collections, this is four more then last time I provided an update.   For last week though FamilySearch was sitting at 2016, so there were only two new collections.  I am only listing what was available as of the 5th of this month. 

The following collections are the NEW for this week:

Florida, Fort Lauderdale Crew Lists, 1939-1945
Kentucky, Vital Record Indexes, 1911-1999

The following collections were UPDATED this week:

Spain, Province of Huelva, Municipal Records, 1760-1950 414,687  *01 Jul 2015
Spain, Province of La Coruña, Municipal Records, 1648-1941 552,202  *01 Jul 2015
Spain, Province of Córdoba, Municipal Records, 1509-1947 2,079,756  *01 Jul 2015
North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970 Browse Images  *01 Jul 2015
Florida Marriages, 1830-1993 1,774,692  *01 Jul 2015

For anyone who does not know what GenTeam is:

GenTeam is a loose organization of genealogists or historians who produce databases on their own or as a part of a group, and who offer these databases to all researcher without any fee.

GenTeam is a non-commercial organization!

The geographical centre of the databases is the present-day Austria and its neighboring lands.

The use of the databases is without any fee; only a simple registration is required.

As with every index of database, this collection will also contain mistakes because of reasons outside of our control. Databases offered by GenTeam are not meant to replace research in original records, and this must be done in the archives.

As of Jul 5th 610,00 additional entires have been added to the GenTeam databases.

1.  New: Jewish Registers in the Burgenland, Austria
2.  New: Index of motor vehicle owners in Austria
     approximately 66,000 entries
3.  Diocese Passau (Germany): approximately 284,000 
     new entries
4.  Vienna: index of Catholic Baptisms approximately 
     97,000 new entries
5.  Vienna: index of Catholic death records in Vienna
6.  Register Indices from Lower and Upper Austria, 
     Burgenland, Bohemia and Moravia approximately 
     121,000 new entries.

Richard and Alice Perutz

I just re-found these photo's the other day while talking to a relative about our Perutz family.  I have been researching the "Bruder Perutz" textile company, and remembered that one of them relatives made a book with some pictures of the Perutz Family in it.

The photo on the left is Richard and Alice (Lederer) Perutz in 1896, the photo on the right is Richard and Alice in New York around 1947.

One more week of June has passed with the addition of records and 2 new collections. As of Monday FamilySearch is sitting at 2014 collections, this is two more then last week which was 20012.

The following collections are the NEW the week of 8-14 June:

Italy, Pesaro e Urbino, Urbino, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1866-1942
United States, Freedmen's Bureau Hospital and Medical Records, 1865-1872
One collections looks to be changed but there it was not on the list of updated collections:
Hungary Civil Registration

Last week it was for the years: 1801-1980, and this week it is showing the years: 1895-1980

The following collections were UPDATED the week of 8-14 June:

Brazil, Pernambuco, Civil Registration, 1804-2014
Brazil, São Paulo, Immigration Cards, 1902-1980
Italy, Toscana, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1804-1874
Spain, Province of Granada, Municipal Records, 1607-1955
France, Finistère, Quimper et Léon Diocese, Catholic Parish Records, 1772-1863
Spain, Province of Valencia, Miscellaneous Records, 1251-1950
United States Index to Service Records, War with Spain, 1898
United States Public Records, 1970-2009
Perú, Lima, Civil Registration, 1874-1996
Vermont, St. Albans Canadian Border Crossings, 1895-1924
Massachusetts, Boston Passenger Lists Index, 1899-1940
South Dakota, School Records, 1879-1970
Michigan Obituaries, 1820-2006
Utah, Uintah County Marriage Records, 1888-2015
Utah, Uintah County Naturalization and Citizenship Records, 1888-1929

Another interesting fact FamilySearch to date has 4,505,923,865 records available

The full list of all collections can be reached here.

My Paternal great grandparents Adam Max Hopfengartner and Wilhelmina Hutteman had a house in Holubkov, Czech Republic which is now used as a nursing home. Adam Max Hopfengartner was the owner of Zbirožský Machinery Hopfengärtner an Ironworks company in Holoubkov The house was about an hour outside of Prague and was very spacious with a large garden and stream going through it. I spent a lot of my holidays at this house with my grandmother Kunigunde Hopfengartner.   Oma used to have a German Sheppard named Putsa which I loved dearly, and she would follow me wherever I went when I was at the house.  Putsa was my babysitter when I was young.   This is where my love of dogs started.

You could say I was adventurous even as a child, during the summer I would sail down the stream near my great grandparents house.  I would use a  wooden washtub and large wooden spoons, with Putsa always next to me splashing at my side, It was great fun.  In the winter I would sleigh ride down the great steep road with bumps near the house., if I was lucky when Ollie was home he would attach my sled to his motor bike and we would slide across the frozen lake.
I have read posts from other genealogists about starting over, and I was always really against it.  I thought I would loose something or not gain anything from it.  While I was playing around with one of the Apps from FamilySearch I decided to start my tree from scratch on FamilySearch since I do not have anything on there.

This tree will be strait and narrow for the time being.  Only direct lines will get the attention as I work backwards.  Each new additional will be vetted with FamilySearch to include every source that I can find from there at first.

Once that is complete I will work on adding what additional information that I have for each person.  I have not looked nor do I know if you can add media files to the FamilySearch tree or you can only add sources?  I guess I can link to Dropbox as my sources and link it that way?  

Either way, if I do find any new information in my travels I will be adding it back to my main tree on Family Tree Maker which is attached to Ancestry.com for now.

I do not expect this to be a quick endeavor and hopefully I will find some new links to my family as time goes on.   Any suggestions would be great.

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