FTM 2012 Re-Install Issues

Over the weekend I got the bright idea to re-install the OS on my machine.  I thought I was being smart by copying "downloads" to my external, and what ever other files I thought might be necessary.   I wrote down all the programs I would need (which at the time were OS, Office, Steam).

I figured that I would be able to go back to Ancestry.com and just re-download the files (like any other program that you purchase a digital copy for).   My first hurdle was when I went to the site to see about downloading it.

At first look you only can re-download the file up to 30 days after purchase (unless you want to pay an additional cost of 6.95 to extend that for 2 years.  When I made the purchase I did not even see/think for the extended download option.  This in itself is bad business if you ask me, (which I am not to sure is Ancestry.con or their partner Nova).  Nova is the company that you purchase the download from.

Why should you have to pay an additional sum of money just to be able to download it again later.  As an example I have Steam on my machine (Steam is used to play PC games, you purchase the games on Steam and you can then download them to you machine to play).  All I had to do was re-install the steam client, and I was ready to re-download the games that I already had in my Steam account.  I was up and running in no time.

The problem currently is that I tried to look into this at 5pm and well Nova is closed for the day.  I then decided to call Ancestry.com which to them they were extremely helpful.  See I have another issue in all this, I cannot find that confirmation email, nor is it tied to my account.  I know I have been using it since at least December (I tried the 14 day free trial around then) which mean I had it installed around the same time.

The folks at Ancestry.com were nice enough to look at my account, but they could not find it associated with it either (another issue is I have two account names at Ancestry.com)  They even tried to look it up by the credit card number I might have used.

So currently I am stuck with now FTM 2012.  And before anyone asks I know this was legitimate copy of FTM 2012 purchased on Ancestry.com....but that is it.  I don't remember what card I used to purchase it or what email account it was tied to.  I cannot find any reference to this...

If anyone has any ideas (will be calling NOVA in the morning) let me know.

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