Brick Wall: Sister Cecilia Kondrc

I am back trying to connect the dots for Sister Cecilia Kondrc.  From previous posts you know she had a book written about her, and a LIFE article.  I am still looking for the CLIMAX! made for TV movie "The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia" (1954).

 I only know she was a relative of the family (Aunt) at best based off information that I have gathered over time.  From word of mouth, pretty much the same things have been said.  She was somehow related to my Steve Kondrc (my maternal great grand-father).

I did a little bit more searching and found some new pages (mostly images)

Slovaks of Chicagoland
Slovaks of the Greater Mahoning Valley

And below is a post card which may be addressed to her parents, or another relative, if anyone can decipher the writing please post below.

From my reading it says "Sr M. Makavio Kondrcova"

Back to information that I know:

Cecilia Kondrc was the daughter of Jan Kondrc and Anna Kondrc (dont know mother's maiden name). I believe that she was born in Brestovany on August 8, 1911. In the book "The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia" she mentions that she lived in a small village outside of Bratislava. Her father joined the army in 1917 (Farmer), and she has a few siblings which names might have changed from the book (Tonka/Mary Kondrc Hudek-Canada/Agnes)

Sister Cecilia passed away on January 20, 1985 in Crown Point, Indiana.

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