Searching for people in New York

I am still searching for people in New York for a friend and have not been able to get any further back on their tree.  I believe that the earliest documented proof was that they were in Bronx, NY in the 1920 Federal Census. I do not find them any earlier.  According to the 1920 it states that they were born in New York, which I know could be wrong.

As for the 1905 and 1892 New York Census I don't see any connections there.   I know later the family moved to the Suffolk are of New York,  but most of that is to present and I don't think I can make any connections just yet.

There are a bunch with the surname in the 1920 census but once again I don't know how the connect to each other.  I also found his WWI and WWII cards via, one issue is that they have the same birth dates but list a different middle initial between the cards.  There is a "notify" person on the WWII card but it does not match up with any names that I know right now for family.

One other piece of info that I have is that I think that most of the members with the same surname on the WWII cards list the same employer. so maybe that was a family business or something or all the brothers/cousins worked together.  They employer was North Side Storage House, which does not exist anymore according to the internet.  It was 521 Bergen Ave, Bronx, NY.

On their maternal side I have their grandma's first name and married surname have not been able to get her maiden name just yet.  I am waiting on little bits of information that will help in the search. I do know that she was from Ohio and moved to New York.  What I don't know is if she was married in Ohio or New York.

Once again because I am helping a friend I don't want to post their surnames without permission but if anyone can help I can probably send them an email with the surnames and dates that I have collected so far which is not much.  Any other idea's or help would be appreciated.

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