Searching for a Marriage Record

Keeping on topic from my last post, I went looking through FamilySearch Slovak Church records for any mention of a KONDRC and BENADIK getting married.  I would assume all marriages would have been recorded.

Since the name is KONDRC - sounds like Kondric, I tried multiple spellings just in case (I know familysearch does a pretty good job).  So KONDRC/KONDRXC, KONDRXCZ, KONDRIS, KONDRIC.

The one piece of information that they had a son Michael Kondrc who was born in 1842 in Bucany, Slovakia.   And I know that some of the family came from Brestovany.  And I have John Kondrc death information which shows he was born in 1820.

I went through all the marriage images for Bucany, and Brestovany for a time period of 1835-1843ish (depending on what was available).  And so far was unable to find any matches for anyone that matches.

Even using search I was unable to find any matches.  I would have to think that most kids were not born out of wedlock, but that could happen I guess, but if they had 10 kids I would assume that somewhere they got married right?

The names I am trying to match are John Kondrc and Maria Benadik,

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