New updates for Geni.

I make a habit of checking on the Geni forums every few days to read about new updates or issues and noticed new updates are available.  Below are some of the new items that you will find for Geni.
Bulk merging tree matches
When viewing a list of matches for a profile, you can now compare multiple matches at one time. Just check the checkbox of each match that you'd like to review and use the Compare Profiles button at the bottom of the page. This will show you each pair of profiles and let you decide to merge them or remove the match.
Smarter discussion story distribution
Users with a lot of collaborators have told us that they are seeing too many discussion stories in their Family News. As a result, we no longer create a family news story every time a collaborator posts to an discussion. Now you only see stories when they start a discussion, or post to a discussion you are already following. When a collaborator starts a discussion, we will send you one email and one family news story. In the email, you will have the option to follow the discussion. Hopefully this will help cut down the noise in your family news.
Suffix field
The suffix is now separated from the rest of the name with a comma across the site, not just in the tree.
Ancestor tree matches
Your Tree matches list and digest now include your ancestors that have matches.

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