Enhanced Collaboration over at Geni.com

I have not posted to much news about Geni in the past couple of weeks, but I was once again over at the site and noticed their news announcement for enhanced collaboration.  Included in this post is message posted on the Geni blog.  What does this mean to all the Geni users out there?  Well for one they changed the rule on collaboration from being only for Pro users to being available for everyone.  Two they made a two way street instead of how it was originally designed as one way.  It looks like a step in the right direction for them.  

Collaborating is a way to work with other Geni users on the historical parts of the tree without exposing your privacy or your family's privacy. When you invite another Geni user to collaborate with you, you can view, edit and merge the profiles they manage, and they can do the same with profiles that you manage. Note that this excludes profiles for living people.
If you find a profile that you'd like to edit or merge with another profile, use the Request to Collaborate link to send a request to the profile's manager. When they accept, you'll have permission to work on that profile.
Visit your collaborator settings page to view a list of your current Geni collaborators and make any changes.

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