Recommendations for MyHeritage to stay competitive.

Here is my top five recommendations for MyHeritage to continue to be competitve with  These are not really in any priority order but more of what I would like to see and I believe as a whole so would a lot of other people.  

1.  Two way merging:  I looked through the website and the forums and best I could see is that you can upload a gedcom to the website for other to edit.  If I understand that correctly that would lead you to have two family tree's to manager.  One on the FTB and one for the gedcom were others could make the changes.  I understand that this is not an easy thing to do, because you will be merging in both directions, but I think that this will be a great tool if ever implemented.

2.  Mobile App:  I would like to seem them implementing a mobile app soon be it for Iphone, Android or any other mobile operating system.  With the recent purchase of OSN  which had a mobile app I am hoping they can use this as their basis for the app.  I would love to be able to pull up my family tree on my cell phone to show to my family while we are not near a computer, or be able to post a picture of a family reunion right on the website from my phone.

3.  Facebook Integration: I am hoping that I am calling this the right thing, but I would like the ability to have updates from MyHeritage to be published right from MyHeritage, without having to over to Facebook.  I know a lot of other sites do this.    While on this maybe even twitter integration would be nice sometimes.

4.  Ancestry/Family Search Integration:  I know they have their mega search, and smart matching, but I would like the ability to pull up census records, land deeds or others right from FTB or the website.  If it had the ability to pull/see Ancestry Tree hints that would be an added bonus.  I understand that all of this may not be feasible, but at least getting FTB or the website certified for FamilySearch would be outstanding.

5.  Better Web UI:  There is nothing wrong with the present UI, I just feel that it lacks the ease of use of other sites  like Geni or ItsourTree (which they now own).  Maybe they will be able to take the best parts from OSN and MyHeritage sites and make a great looking UI for genealogy.  

If anyone else has any other recommendations please post them here.  If we get enough then maybe we can send them an email with the recommendations of the geneablogger community.  

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