23andme Relative Finder V2

At the start of the long weekend 23andme updated Relative Finder (RF) to V2.  One of the biggest improvements that I noticed right from the start was page load speed.  In V1 it would take my computer about 2-3 minutes just to load up the RF matches, now with V2 it loads up more information in a fraction of the time.  I would guess it takes about 45 seconds to a minute to load.

The UI has also had a lot of work done on it from V1 to V2 to make it more user friendly.  They have added more pertinent information about the matches: surnames, locations, haplogroups (maternal and paternal separated).  The search function also looks like it was updated making it easier to do searches based of your matches on locations or surnames.

One of the things that I was hoping for was making it easier to see if the matches were really interested in the RF.  So far I have sent out about 20 requests to share but have only received about 3 replies back to share out their genome.  I see a lot of folks have wished for some sort of mark on the profile stating "only interested in health results."  This might make it a little less frustrating when trying to contact all your match's.  If you know up front you can just remove them from your lists.

My matches have gone up from 990 to 1035, but that does not really interest me at the moment since I have not been able to make any concrete connections through RF.  Below is the look of the new RF V2 in 23andMe.

Anyone who has an account on 23andMe and has not been over there in a while should drop in an check it out.  Also please update your profiles to better make use of the new RF abilities.

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