Family Tree DNA Y-DNA testing

As I search down the rabbit hole for my DECKER name I have done multiple DNA tests, with the latest being the Y-DNA (25) from Family Tree DNA, I know they recommend the higher numbers like 37, 64 but I started with Y-12, and when I had a little extra money I upgraded to the 25.   Maybe next time I will up it to 37.

Even with the just using the 25 I was able to pretty much confirm what I had written on that we are direct descendants  of  Jan Broersen Decker of Denmark.   I was stuck on Isaac Decker for a while, but was able to find some documentation showing his parents, and from there I move forward.

Using the Y-25 just helps to confirm that leg work done in verifying documents of birth, death, marriage and census records over the years. 

Jan Broersen Decker, one of two gentlemen who came to America around the same time (not having the DECKER name).   From stories upon arrival they both took the name DECKER.   Over the years I have been trying to get my descendants to line up with either of them.   So it was good to see that I have the DECKER's line traced outside of America in/around 1650.

I guess I could say the brick wall has been moved, not smashed. 

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