Geraghty/Gerrity Sisters

Trying to this again to see if anyone might be able to assist, or notice something I may have missed in the process.

I know of three sisters  Bridget, Anna, and Winifred in my family from Mayo, Ireland (as best as we can guess).

Bridget Gerrity B 7 Jun 1885, Ireland (according to death cert)
married Lawrence Toomey  24 Jun 1907 (PA) (according to marriage) - no parents listed
died 27 Oct 1955 (PA) - Scranton
Parents listed:  John Gerrity/Mary Sheridan
Possible hit (based off Patrick/Jane)

Anna Gerrity b. 1872 (according to census/marriage)
married William Mckenna  8 Feb 1890 (marriage record) - parents listed: Patrick Gerrity/Jane Sheridan
Died: after 1930 (was found in 1930, cant find her in 1940)
Possible Hit 

Winifred Gerrity b 1881 (according to census/immigration)
married John Brady 26 Apr 1911
died 19 Apr 1971 Scranton, (no death cert) (tombstone)
Possible Hit

And now I found another name that might be connected.

Mary M. Roache (Gerrity) b. 1863
married William Roache
died May 4, 1921 (death cert) - lists Patrick Gerrity and Jane Sheridan as parents.

Other names whos parents are Patrick Gerrity/Jane Sheridan

Thomas Gerrity - he is on the same immigration as Winifred.
Jane Gerrrity
Margaret Gerrity

What I need to do is find relatives of either Winifred or Anna that are still alive, my tree only goes to about 1930's with that side of the family, guess I have somewhere to start looking.

19 Apr 1971 

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