Brick Wall: Gerrity Sister's

I need help with researching my paternal grandmothers side of the family.  To date I have only  been able to go back one generation on both my paternal grandmothers parents.  I have yet to get out of America even though I have rough dates for each and everyone of them coming to America.  Below I will list details of my  Gerrity family in hopes that I might be able to make some new connections.  Or at least someone can help point me in the right directions.

This is a story of three sister's who came to America, where I have just pieces of information collected over the years.

The three sisters are  Anna Gerrity, Bridget Gerrity, and Winfred Gerrity

To get the most out of this I am going to break each of the sister's so we can try and gather the most amount of information about them.

Anna Gerrity:
Born:  County Cord, Mayo, Ireland (abt  August 1872)  (from Marriage Cert)
Died (prior to 1980) Scranton or Dunmore, PA
Married William Mckenna: Feb 8 1890
Parents: Patrick and Jane (from Marriage Cert)
Immigration:  1886 per 1920 census.

William and Anna Mckenna

Bridget Gerrity:
Born:   Ireland (abt 1877) - per married cert
Died: Oct 27 1955, Scranton, PA obit
Married  Jun 24 1907 - Lawrence Toomey
Parents: Not Listed
Immigration:  1899 (per census)

Lawrence and Bridget Marriage

Winifred Gerrity:
Born:  Ireland, (abt 1885) per tombstone
Died:  April 19, 1971 (per tombstone) + cemetery plot info
Married:  John Brady (1911)
Immigration: 1902 (per 1930 census), cant read 1920 census that well, but looks like 1895.

Picture of the three sisters

Picture of Bridget Toomey and Winfred Gerrity (not sure if she also married the man standing next to her)

As an added note their may have been a brother named Thomas, but I dont have any information on him at this time.  I found all the census info on, but unsure if I can link to them from here.  If that is allowed please someone post a comment and I will add links to the census records.  Anything that might help me solve this.

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