Finding Free Genealogy Databases

Everyone knows that its expensive to do genealogy, but how many people know that there are ways to access some of the database's online for free in some cases.  I have already posted one such way for Ancestry Library edition.

Ancestry.Com (Different Editions)
1.  If you are a member of the US Navy, then you can access NKO, through NKO you can gain access to Library Edition
2.  At a Family History Center, I believe that they have Ancestry Institution, not sure if its different then the Library version available at NKO.
3.  At some local libraries.  I think you are able to access Library Edition.
4.  You can subscribe for the 14 day trial. (They do ask for a CC up front though)

Does anyone else know of other ways to gain access to Ancestry?  I also know that from the FHC they give an option at Ancestry to purchase a subscription for cheaper (not exactly sure how much cheaper) 
1.  At a Family History Center, this is as far as I know.  I was at the FHC in El Cajon/Mission Valley and they had access there.
2.  From the Carlsbad Library, which I am guessing other Library's have access to this also.

Anyone know of more places for Footnote?

1.  Only place I know of right now is Carlsbad Library, but you can also access this from home with your Carlsbad Library Card.

1.  US Navy - NKO
2.  Carlsbad Library, and at home with your Carlsbad Library Card.
3.  At a FHC.


Right now I am unsure of any place that gives access to GenealogyBank for free.

Well those are the main sites that I visit, if there are other sites out there that provide database's that people should know about, and if they are ways of getting access to these database's either through different memberships, or through library, FHC please drop a comment.

Is there any societies that by joining you get access for free to database's or access for a discount and how much?

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