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As I was looking over my account I noticed it only had 963 names online, while my offline gedcom is up to 990 names.  I know its not a great jump in numbers but I really dont know of a correct way to upload the new gedcom to Geni without causing so many issue's.  This is the one thing that I love about MyHeritage, you just publish from FTB and it updates automatically.

I know you can Merge in Geni, and I know you can upload GEDCOM, but from what I understand the GEDCOM upload is a one time thing.  They need to add the ability to upload GEDCOM at anytime.

I understand that this may cause problems in that anyone could have added names and you not realizing it would erase the names on the Geni version if you did any upload.  Right now I am basically the only contributor so its not that big of a deal for me, I use FTB to make changes on my GEDCOM, while MyHeritage is up to date, Geni is not.

I really dont have any idea's right now on the best course of action, any suggestions?

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