Today I found the site, which is associated with The Generations Network (  I guess I should really say I found the site again, it seems I have two accounts tied to my one email address.

Both of the accounts were site empty, so I went off to MyHeritage and downloaded my newest GEDCOM available online and went back to  Before we go into that I just want to say a little about the general website for Myfamily Portal. 

There are two account types right now, with a third being established at a later time.  Basic, Essential, and Premium account.  Basic is free, Essential is 29.95 a year, and no new on price for Premium at this time.  Also Basic each member can upload 100 mgs per month, and Essential is 1 gig per month.  Which seems pretty interesting, so if one member hits his cap he can send the files to someone else to upload for them.  A third difference with Basic and Essential, is Basic has Ads on it.  I have not really seen the ads just yet, so not to sure how bad it is.

I think it setup nicely with a good landing page, with tabs for all the important things, like Photos', Video's, Discussions, Trees, Events, Files, People, and Gifts.  The website is very quick, now I have to go out and invite the same people over and over again, I may wait on this as this one is not as critical until I figure out my favorite site. 

To upload your GEDCOM, it jumps you over to a portal of  It took about 30 seconds to upload 990 names into which was nice, I guess I will have to reload all the pictures once again, as this now marks the fourth website that I currently have my family tree posted.  Others include Geni.Com,, and

It asked permission before loading your tree as it will be searchable on, just names from what I understand, the basic info, if they need more they have to contact the submitter.  There was also the option when uploading to add your tree to the OneWorldTree.

Another nice thing that I noticed is that it gives Ancestry Hints.  I am guessing its like MyHeritage Smart Matches, and FTM's hints (I have not run FTM in a long time so I dont remember the correct term for it).  Right now it only shows one hint for the 990 names, but I bet if I let it sit for a while a bit more will come up.  I wonder what kind of hints, maybe it can help with some of the brick walls.

After about 5 minutes I have plenty of hints available.  One of my ancestors shows info for Census Records, SSDI, and other information.  Of course since I am not logged into the hints are pretty vague.  After adding the first hint, its registed as I am logged into and was able to see a bit more information.

To view a user is the standard look as for any other Family Tree on, they provide a timeline (Not like FootNote's which I think I like better), but its still useful.  It also provides "Sources" for each timeline entry.  One thing missing which I would like to see is a Map, so you can see how your ancestors moved around. 

I think after running through all the hints online, and the downloading the GEDCOM created that way, I will have to find a way to import it back into Family Tree Builder without loosing all the photo's already attached.  It should be pretty interesting.

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