Spotlight on Family: Anna Benjak Kondrc

Todays spotlight on family will be on my maternal great grandmother Anna Benjak Kondrc.   I hope to post at least on Spotlight a week on a family member of mine, and I hope others will start to do the same, its a great way to tell the story of your ancestors.  According to her birth certificate she was born Febuary 13m 1890 in Lieskove, Slovakia.

Anna's parents were Pavol Benjak and Maria Lisicky.  Addition information confirming her parents and place of birth is her SS-5 form below:

In October of 1906 she left her home country to come to America.  According to the ships manifest she traveled from Bremen and arrived in Baltimore, MD on or about Nov 4, 1906.  Her intentions were to go to Charleroi, PA to live with her sister Teresa Benjak Churay (on the ships manifest it states she was going to her brother in law Stephen Churay.

On Febuary 3, 1908 she married Steve Kondrc in Charleroi, PA.

Over the next ten years Anna and Steve had six children.

The first child named Mary was born Dec 13, 1908, next came Rosie who was born Sept 23, 1910.  Followed by Stephie on Jan 26, 1913, two years later was Annie who was born Feb 14, 1915.  Next came my grandfather Frank who was born April 18, 1919.  Last was Eleanor who was born Nov 10, 1921.

Anna Benjak Kondrc passed away at the age of 90 in Ford City, PA on Sept 27m 1980.  I have a copy of the obituary also below.  

Anna Benyak Kondrc Obit

Unfortunately I never met Anna Kondrc, as I was three years old when she passed.  I am sure she would have been an interesting person to meet.

I am still hoping I can get someone to goto Holy Trinity Cemetery in Ford City and get a picture of her tombstone.   One last picture of Anna before I finish the post.

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