Another Day at FHC

I was able to get over to the Family History Center today for about 3 hours and got about a 1/3 the way through one film (once again only searching for KONDRC).  It was mostly from 1830-1860 time period that was available on this reel.

I was able to get the usual births/deaths/marriages for Bucany.  Next step once again is to add that to my growing list on Scribd.  Once I have as much information that is available I will try and break it down to something I can understand and maybe possibly figure out my line of the KONDRC's.

I was really not expecting this many KONDRC surnames in that location for a given time period.  If you take a look you will understand what I mean.  Granted I think that most of them passed away young due to disease, but its the parents like to re-use the same names over and over again.

Link to Scribd Database is here.  Will update when completed.

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