Research Help Request: Slovakia (Liszicky/Benyak)

Continuing on my research of my Slovak relatives I am now searching for the Parents of Maria Lisciski (Liszicky).  I know that she had her earliest child with Paulus Benyak in 1872 (well earliest documented).  I have found all the documented children but cannot find a marriage record as of yet for them.

From the know information they were from Cerová: Lieskové, Senica, Slovakia (that is where the birth records say all the children were born).  Along with the SS-5 from my great grandmother also stating Lieskove as her town of birth.

I did a search for Maria Lisciski/Liszicky Slovkia born between 1830-1850.  I wanted to try and narrow it down a little bit and based off the oldest child being born in 1872 I figured that 22 years would be enough, truth I should probably set it for 1855ish.

Nothing shows up for Cerová: Lieskové, Senica, Slovakia in relation to a Maria being born, but there are about 3 showing Senica, Slovakia as a place of birth.  From here though I am lost as who they could be, as I need to find more information on who might the parents be.   I don't even know if Maria has any brothers or sisters.

If I could find the marriage record for Maria Liszisky and Paulus Benyak then maybe I could go forward.  Does anyone know of the best way to find the marriage records if I cannot find them on FamilySearch?  Some Agency that I could contact in Slovakia?

If someone knows a little bit about Slovkia, maybe the can gleam something from the records that might be able to help me narrow down my search, or move it somewhere else.

Maria Liszicky 1

Maria Liszicky 2

Maria Liszicky 3

Maria Liszicky 4

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