Family Search Updates for the week of 15-21 June 2015


One more week of June has passed with the addition of records and 2 new collections. As of Monday FamilySearch is sitting at 2014 collections, this is two more then last week which was 20012.

The following collections are the NEW the week of 8-14 June:

Italy, Pesaro e Urbino, Urbino, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1866-1942
United States, Freedmen's Bureau Hospital and Medical Records, 1865-1872
One collections looks to be changed but there it was not on the list of updated collections:
Hungary Civil Registration

Last week it was for the years: 1801-1980, and this week it is showing the years: 1895-1980

The following collections were UPDATED the week of 8-14 June:

Brazil, Pernambuco, Civil Registration, 1804-2014
Brazil, São Paulo, Immigration Cards, 1902-1980
Italy, Toscana, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1804-1874
Spain, Province of Granada, Municipal Records, 1607-1955
France, Finistère, Quimper et Léon Diocese, Catholic Parish Records, 1772-1863
Spain, Province of Valencia, Miscellaneous Records, 1251-1950
United States Index to Service Records, War with Spain, 1898
United States Public Records, 1970-2009
Perú, Lima, Civil Registration, 1874-1996
Vermont, St. Albans Canadian Border Crossings, 1895-1924
Massachusetts, Boston Passenger Lists Index, 1899-1940
South Dakota, School Records, 1879-1970
Michigan Obituaries, 1820-2006
Utah, Uintah County Marriage Records, 1888-2015
Utah, Uintah County Naturalization and Citizenship Records, 1888-1929

Another interesting fact FamilySearch to date has 4,505,923,865 records available

The full list of all collections can be reached here.

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