6000 hints on Ancestry.com

Once in a while I like to look over my online tree's to see if that might provide me with some clues.  Today I went and looked at my Ancestry.com Tree.  I have the basic account over at Ancestry.com, because I have free access to the AncestryLibrary through work (have to save money where I can).  I noticed that I know have close to 6000 hints available to look at for my 2700 people.

I am not even sure how to start a task of going through each hint.  Let alone the issue of only having a basic account so I can only see "free" records, and I can only approve "free" records to be added to my tree.

I still have access to AncestryLibrary, so when something does appear that is interesting I can try and check it there, one downfall is that if its a member tree I am out of luck. In that lets break down what the 5956 hints are:

People with Hints: 1669
Records : 4204
Photos: 435
Stories: 70
Member Trees: 1247

So right off the bat I know that I will be knocking off the photos, stories, and member tree's.  So that brings me down to just records at 4204.  After about 30 minutes and 50 pages of hints, accepting or ignoring them I now have more then when I started.

And I only added maybe 2 people to the database.

People with Hints: 1683
Records : 4276
Photos: 458
Stories: 70
Member Trees: 1262

I was able to add 3 photo's to my family tree, for a minute I thought I would be able to add all photo's but that quickly came to a halt.   This will definitely be a time consuming endeavor.  

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