Starting my Tree Over.

I have read posts from other genealogists about starting over, and I was always really against it.  I thought I would loose something or not gain anything from it.  While I was playing around with one of the Apps from FamilySearch I decided to start my tree from scratch on FamilySearch since I do not have anything on there.

This tree will be strait and narrow for the time being.  Only direct lines will get the attention as I work backwards.  Each new additional will be vetted with FamilySearch to include every source that I can find from there at first.

Once that is complete I will work on adding what additional information that I have for each person.  I have not looked nor do I know if you can add media files to the FamilySearch tree or you can only add sources?  I guess I can link to Dropbox as my sources and link it that way?  

Either way, if I do find any new information in my travels I will be adding it back to my main tree on Family Tree Maker which is attached to for now.

I do not expect this to be a quick endeavor and hopefully I will find some new links to my family as time goes on.   Any suggestions would be great.

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