Looking for a possible connection: Isaac Decker 1780's

I am back at looking for my surname again.  I took a little time off since I hit a brick wall a while back.  To catch everyone up, I will go in reverse starting with my grandfather.

Grandfather - Albert Decker 1903-1997 - Married Mary Toomey
G Grandfather - David John Decker - 1871-1948 -  married Maude Malinda Jackson
GG Grandfather - Andrew Decker Jr.  1843-1914 - married Jane Price
GGG Grandfather - Andrew Decker Sr. 1804 - 1855 married Hannah Teal
GGGG Grandfather - Possible Candidate Isaac Decker

And that is currently where I sit with facts that I can show "proof".

Its been lost in the shuffle on where I got this information but lets start with Andrew Decker Sr. born 1804

1850 Census Records for Andrew Decker show he was married to a Hannah Decker with a child born 7 year prior.  The census is for Pittston PA where all my other DECKER family was from (Moosic, Dunmore).

I know he died from a hunting accident in 1843 based off of newspaper articles and land deeds.
He is listed as being born in NY, but I have not been able to find any births for Andrew Decker in New York.  I have his birth date listed as 11 Sep 1804. (NY)  In the census there is also another person living in the house of the DECKERS, and Andrew Rasce (Race/Rase)

A while back I received a DECKER family book from a side branch of the family that also lead back to my Andrew Decker and Hannah Teal.   From his research and discussion it was thought that Andrew had a father named Isaac Decker who was possible a Palatine.

He discussed this possibility with a Palatine researcher who found the West Copake, Columbia Co NY, showed a Isaac Decker w/ wife Anna Rase had two children:

Andrew born 11 Sept 1804 sponsor was Andrew Rase.
John was born 2 Aug 1813.

The father was called Isaac J. Decker per this he seems to think that the J is in referance to the first name of his father. (John/Joseph/Jacob)

He continued to check the church books and the next village to Copake - Linlithgo
Found a John L Decker and wife Christina Spoor had a son Isaac and Daughter Rebecca born 13 Oct 1782 (twins he believes).

Taking the L he belives the name Loren/Lawrence/ect might be a viable candidate, but he was unable to find any Lorenz Decker who had a son named John.

With this information it looks to be good, and I wish I had the records to back some of this up, I believe some of them are now available on Ancestry.  What does everyone else think?  Does it sound like that is the father of Andrew Decker (Isaac Decker)?  

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