Brick Wall: The Toomey Family

On the other side of my father's maternal side would be his grandmother's paternal family: Toomey's.  Well that is all that I officially know of them as of right now.  I can only go back to my great great grandparents for this line which would be Peter and Anastasia Toomey.

Their son Lawrence is my great grandfather.  I have no clue right now how them came to America or even where they are from.  Depending on census records it goes from England to Ireland each record.    Below is the information that I have been able to gather so far in the hopes that someone else might have a better idea of where to focus my research to make the leap from Scranton, PA to England or Ireland.

Peter Toomey (Great Great Grandfather)  -  I know nothing, except he is buried in unmarked grave in Cathedral Cemetery in Scranton, PA.

Anastasia Toomey (Great Great Grandmother)
B. Jan 1848
D. 1911 (buried in Cathedral Cemtery)
Immigration: 1894 per census records

Anastasia Toomey (1st daughter)
B. Jan 1858, Ireland  per census (starting to wonder if this might have been a child from previous marriage.
M.  July 2, 1888 Scranton PA to William Osborn
D.  Unknow
Lived on West Market St, Scranton from 1900-19030 per census records.
Immigration:  1890 (possible with her two brothers)

Michael Toomey  (2nd child)
b. 1857 based off of James Toomey will.
d. March 4, 1923 based off Cemetery Plot info.

Peter Toomey  (3rd Child)
B. Nov 1863 Ireland based off of census records
M: Unknown to Ellen Braniff
D: 24 Jul 1932 based off of Iowa Cemetery info
Immigration: 1884, possible on Feb 23, 1884.
Also possible that he lived in PA for at least 2 year before moving to Iowa.

Lawrence Toomey  (3rd Child-Great Grandfather)
b. Feb1872, Ireland/England based off census records
m. 1907 (marriage certifcate) to Bridget Gerrity
d. April 26, 1936
Buried in Cathedral Cemetery
Lived at 2124 Ballua Ave from 1900-1930 per census records
Immigrated: 1890 (same year as james)

James Toomey  (4th Child)
b. Apr 1874
d. Dec 31, 1916
Immigrated: 1890 (same as Lawrence)
Buried in Cathedral Cemetery, Scranton PA.

Jannie (Jane) Toomey  (5th Child)
b. May 1882
m. 1909 Scranton, PA to George Martin Corey
d. unknown
Immigration: 1894 (possibly with her Mother Anastasia)

Once again if anyone has any idea's on narrowing down these people or connecting the across the pond I am all ears.  I know there is a 1901/1911 census for Ireland, but not sure if there are ones previous.  That might be an option and will look into that for both of the names that I am currently trying to make a dent in.

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