Request for help: Gerrity Sister's

Well I am back trying to do some more research into the Gerrity's of Scranton PA.  I know they are from Ireland but cannot get there just yet.  I have been trying to narrow down information to try and figure this out.    Cross referancing every piece of information I currently have has not proven to effective.

Additional Information for the sisters.

Bridget Gerrity
1910-until death she lived at 2124 Ballua Ave.  (Have Land Deed) thanks to
Prior to marriage in 1907 she lived at 511 Putnam Ave.
She Immigrated between 1896-1901 depending on the census records.

Winifred Gerrity
Immigrated: 1902.
Lived on Durkin Street, Scranton PA.
Cannot find her in the 1910 Census anywhere.   Have to keep looking.  Possible she was married by then to John Brady.  Marriage per census records say about 1911.  Cant find either a Winifred Brady or Winifred Gerrity that fits.

Ann Gerrity
Found her in the 1910 census. She has lived on Drinker St, Dunmore PA from 1900-1930 per the census records. Birth reports still show 1872.
Immigration: 1885-1890

I jumped on FamilySearch because I was not having much fun with Ancestry today to see what I could dig up from there. I searched the Ireland Birth Records

As a stab in the dark I searched for kids of anyone with Patrick Gerrity and Jane as parents. I was doing this search based off of the marriage record of Anna Gerrity (it lists her parents as Patrick and Jane Gerrity)

I believe I may have found them but the dates dont match up at all.

A Patrick Gerrity and Jane Sheridan had Bridget Gerrity 09 Apr 1869 per census and marriage records lists her birth about 1880.

Patrick Gerrity and Jane Sheridan had a Winifred Gerrity 03 Apr 1878 birth listed on tombstone 1881.

Patrick Gerrity and Jane Sheridan had a Anna Gerrity 24 Dec 1866 birth listed on census and marriage records sow Aug 1872.

Additionally I found a Thomas Gerrity son of Patrick Gerrity and Jane Sheridan. 06 May 1871

(Found an immigration record for a Winifred Gerrity coming to America to live with her brother Thomas Gerrity). I know nothing about this Thomas Gerrity.

Doing a search for any Gerrity with those parents show up a few more, but I dont know anything about that side of the Family so I am kind of lost. For all purposes I believe that I found the right family, but now how do I verify this?

What documents should I search for from the three sisters here in America. I believe that they were naturalized, would that help in anyway. Not sure where to go and search for those documents.

Any help to take this from a possibility to a fact would be greatly appreciated.


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