Brüder Perutz - A Picture and a little history

Brüder Perutz was a textile company formed in 1864 in Prague, Czechoslovakia by two brothers Sigmund and Leopold Perutz. After the deaths of both Sigmund and Leopold the eldest son from each family took over as owners of the company. I believe the two were Fredrich (Sigmunds son) and Robert (Leopolds son) I do know that somewhere down the line the four owners were: Arthur, Richard, Felix and Leopold. All descendants of the first two Perutz's. During the time of the World War II, the company was taken over I believe by the Nazi's, as the families had to flee. Over time I have heard the the main building of the Bruder Pertuz is where the military for Prague resides now, I could be wrong in this. Below is a picture/postcard of Bruders Perutz. For my connection to Bruders Perutz, Sigmund is my great great great grandfather on my mothers side.

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