Passenger Lists Cuba: Looking for Perutz.

I am still searching for any type of passenger lists to and from Cuba. I would have liked to get this information before my gram's 84th birthday at the end of the month, but she just asked me about it the other day.  If I tried to go through INS it looks like it takes months to get the naturalization paperwork which would just tell me what ship they took from Cuba to get to America.

I still am trying to figure out what ship, and the time line for when the left Europe, from Paris to Havana.  My gram says that she believes that they lived in Havana for maybe a year or two.

Its just of one of the many genealogy things that I am trying to pull together for her birthday.  So if anyone knows of passenger lists for Paris, France, or Havana, Cuba for the time periods of 1940-1944 (to be on the safe side), please leave a comment below.

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