Brazil Civil Registrations: Death Records

Continuing with my Brazil tree I am searching for death records for two people that I know that passed away in Nova Iguaçu, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  The issue is that I don't know when they passed, and as I am learning to read the documents this should be interesting.

The documents for Nova Iguaçu, Rio de janeiro, Brazil have not been indexed but it shows that about 11 Million records are online for Civil Registration, not sure how many that leaves to Nova Iguaçu but its a starting point.

The items I do know are that he was born in 1907, she was born in 1916.  He came to Brazil in 1954, and she came in 1958.  They were married before the came to Brazil, and all their children were also born before arriving in Brazil.  Trying to get a better window of when they may have passed but currently I would put it at anywhere from 1970 to close to present day (which if it was anywhere in  the last 10 years I think I would have gotten a little bit better info).

So I am currently going image by image starting with 1970, first batch is 300 images and I am currently at image 100, should not take took long to go all the way to present day.  Hopefully soon I will get an update to narrow the search down better.

If anyone has any idea's on what to do to try and narrow the search, or other things I maybe able to find online to narrow it down that would be appreciated.  As this is not my family, I am waiting on information from them to be able to do some more searching.

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