Finding a needle in a haystack of Immigration Records.

After cracking the wall yesterday with my Portuguese and Brazilian Tree's I decided I needed to keep at it today.  My first idea was to start slowly and go image by image in the Brazilian Immigration index, as only about 900K out of 2M have been indexed.

It didn't take to long before I was getting tired of going through them.  Yes I don't have patients some times, so I decided my next course of action was to use the index and filter by first name.  This brought it down to about 340K names (not a good start).

I have her full name and birth date but up until today I was getting no where looking for her.  With the two surnames with her name it was hard to find her, so next added her birth year which dropped it down to 1,800 names.

I then added one of her last names (the one with out the DA in front of it), figured that might be the best bet, and from my current accounts it was her final last name.  Well this narrowed it down to 33 names, but none of them were her.

So I was thinking what to do next and decided to do it by birth years again.   Just maybe the information I got wrong was off by a year or so I decided to go up and down in 1 year increments to see if I could find anything.  The first one I used was 1918 which had 41 results all of which were wrong.

My next year I used was 1916 which resulted in 47 names, with the fourth one being the correct one.  What was interesting was that the format of the surnames was backwards to what was listed on the page, and her birthday was 1 year off from what I had listed (not a big deal).

This lead to her parents, and from there her two brothers.  So three new names added to the database, that is a total of seven new ancestors added to this users tree in two days, not a bad weekend.  

Next will be trying to narrow down their death, I have the place, and can roughly narrow it down from 1960 to almost present day.  I am sure with a little more information I can filter it even more.

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