LiveRoots Live

Today LiveRoots went live for everyone.  I had the privilege of using the system about a week or two ago to test it out, and see were it stands.  It looks like its going to be a great tool for genealogy once more index's are connected to the system.  I have tried a few names (KONDRC, MACZEK) that still don't show anywhere on liveroots, but I know that they are valid on Footnote, Ancestry, and other sites.
I understand that it is still in it infancy, and that it needs it time to work out its bugs, and grow its database, I look forward to future of this website as I add it to my required website's to search when doing research.  I tried my surname "DECKER" which provided a crazy amount of links, most of which I don't even know were to start.
I wonder if there will be a time were you can use a surname, and possibly a location that would be great.  I know Randy over at Geneamusings already posted a link about LiveRoots debut to the Genealogy world, and provided a list of current index's, so there is no real point to state the obvious.

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