Scranton Research Jackpot and new question

My parents got back from their Scranton Research Day with great news.  They were able to get over 80 pages of documents, including wills, and marriage certificates.  I am currently waiting for the mail to get here Saturday to see exactly what was found and its killing me to wait.
My Father also took a lot of photo's of the house's that were referenced and the mines.  He also found some of the tombstones for family members in the Cathedral Cemetery in Scranton, PA.
Now with the new question, has anyone ever seen a tombstone with two different last names on them.  On one side is one name, and the other is a different surname.  The second surname does not match anything that I have for family member names, nor do their first names ring a bell anywhere.  Not exactly sure in a situation like this if it is of merit or just nothing.

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