Tonights Research Treasure's


Tonight I started in a rut, so I went online to Carlsbad Library, and accessed Newspaper Archives. I started with the usual names. KONDRC, STOLAR, STATION, BENYAK. Not much found this time.
I tried a new name this time SISTER CECILIA. This is one of my relatives that I write about alot. What a great find it was tonight. Many articles found, alot with pictures. I just wish that they had more names listed about her relatives, I understand that she still felt threaten by communism even in the U.S.
At least this lets me get a better picture of who this women was, and what she accomplished.  I also found that she was made a citizen after being in the country for five years, she arrrived in the country in 1952, under which name I dont know.  And as far as I know there is no Cecilia Kondrc for Naturalization.  I am still trying to figure out the rest of her family.  Right now I know she is a Kondrc.

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