Another Day looking through Image sets

Today I spent another good four hours going page to page looking through the Slovak Image sets available on FamilySearch.  I know that I have done it before, but now with the new names, I figured I should take a second look to see what I could find out.

I have found a few new KONDRC's that I cannot place anywhere in my tree at the moments due to not having anything more then names.  One would be  Marton Kondrc who married a Katalin Oharblo (1843) (spelling is probably way off) - pg 56 of the BMD for 1843-1852 for Brestovany.

The next would be a Maria Kondrc who married a Joanne Varadin, and had a child in 1851 which would probably place her birth year about 1830's give or take.  At this time all Maria Kondrc's that I know were born  around 1870's.

Lasts would be Joseph Kondrc and Catherine Kadlec.  They pop up alot as godparents for other possible connections to the family.  They are found in the 1852-1866 Baptism image set.    I have them connected to about 3 different people as their godparents, so kind of tough to say how old they were.  If we base it on how we pick godparents these days they they would be close in age to the actual parents having children which would place them being born around 1830s or so?  Interesting in this is that I have a Stefan Koricina who married a Maria Kadlec (she was born in 1824) they were married in 1842 possible sister?   I have to dig deeper into these image sets and see what I can find out.

I wish they had more files available form Bucany as that is where my KONDRC line is supposed to be from based off all information that I have now collected.  I guess I can keep waiting or eventually I will make it over to Slovakia (I hope).

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