Next Stop Brazil

Still doing research for a friend, I am moving some of my research towards Brazil as they had family that lived there for a few years, and some that passed away there.  I am currently looking for genealogy research in the area of Rio De Janerio.

I found a blog post stating that some of Rio has been put online at FamilySearch but I was unable to locate the exact record collection.  (most likely because I am not sure of how Brazil is broken down record wise for Rio.

I know the town that they passed away in, and I am sure there are other's that are still living there so I will continue on my search.  If anyone has any idea's on where to narrow my search or knows of any sites or index's that will help.  Additionally if there are any films that could be ordered to start looking through.  (I live  about 5 minutes from a FHC).

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