Engagement of Richard Perutz and Alice Lederer


I was back at doing random searches when I found the below newspaper article from October 1901.  First things I noticed was that it was 1901, which according to somewhere in my records I am wrong. I have them married 1 Dec 1900, so I am about a year off, now thanks to my great "sources" I am wondering just where I got the initial information from.  

It was most likely 2nd hand information passed to me by a family member, either way I was glad that I found this article which helps narrow down dates.  

Translation (Google Translate)

"Miss Alice Lederer , daughter of Mr. Gottlieb Lederer , in company Lederer & Wolf , Vienna , has become engaged to Mr Richard Perutz , in company Brother Perutz , Prague "

Engagement of Richard Perutz

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