Obituary Sunday: Walter Maczek-Vierwehr


Walter Maczek was the son of Franz Maczek and Kunigunde Hopfengartner, and the father to my grandmother.  He was born 26 May 1889 in Czech Republic (most likely in or near Prague), don't think I found anything official stating his birthday.

From the stories that I know was that he was traveling with his family in France and had a car accident and died 08 Sep 1930.

Translation for picture below:  (Google Translate)

Elly Maczek-four defense is on their behalf and on behalf of their daughter Jolan, the parents and siblings the trauige news of the death of her husband innigstgeliebten the Lord Walter Maczek four defense

The 8 September 1930 a car accident victim fell the day and hour of the funeral will be announced  13 September 1930

Franz Maczek-Vierwehr 
Richard Perutz

Walter Maczek Obituary

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