Smart Matching with Merging: FTB 3.0

A few months ago I covered Family Tree Builder in this post.

Today we are going to cover whats new in the 3.0 version of FTB.

Once you get into comparing a match you will notice a few changes.  There are two new buttons on this page.  Merge, and Contact.  I think these are great additions, also you are greeted by this pop-up.

Well I already thought it was nice to merge, but it also allows photo's and the relatives this is fantastic.  You never know when you could get a great photo of a distant relative.    This is what the compare screen looks like in 3.0

Here is the initial compare screen, next few images will show the merging of two individuals.
I will be covering the Step-by-Step of merging, here is the first image in the series.

Hope everyone gets a good understanding of the new features of smart matching.  Thanks everyone for stopping by.

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