Using MyHeritage SmartMatching in Family Tree Builder

After last night's post I figured I would post information about Family Tree Builder's SmartMatching.  I have made a bunch of screen captures to help people out if they use FTB.

1.  With the program open select Matches

2.  Select a name, I chose Josephine Coloumbe.

3.  Select one of the matches that appears.

4.  Now you can see what match's you have.  Match's will show up in green in the family tree, while the white are not match's.  Currently they do not support an option of auto merge the new information.  You can fill in most of the information that is new right from this screen, but if it requires a new name in the tree you have to back out of the system.

5.  Any questions?  I know this was quick explanation.

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