A new connection thanks to MyHeritage Smart Matches.

The other day I was playing around with the new version of Family Tree Builder and noticed I had a new Smart Match for one of my relatives.  This is not a new feature of Family Tree Builder 5.0, the above comment was just for relevance.

The relative in my tree was Adam Max Hopfengartner, at first I thought it was the usual matches, my tree for dynastree and my cousin Max's tree also from dynastree (Germany).  To my surprise it was a new match for for the Hopfengartner with someone I didn't know.

I loaded up the "View Tree" on Family Tree Builder and the first thing I noticed was that the other tree builder had a picture of Adam Max Hopfengartner.  This was looking to be a good day to gather some preliminary information about this surname.  I merged what was on the tree with my tree, and then sent the tree owner a message for good measure.

About a day later I received a message from the tree owner with a brief description of Adam Max Hopfengartner which was written in Czech.  Off to Google Translate to get a rough idea of the email.  It turned out to be a mini biography of Adam that was posted from the tree owners family to a Wiki in Czechoslovakia.    The tree owner also said that they were going to provide me with some more photo's, I can't wait the anticipation is killing me already.

I sent them another email telling them about my gram who's grandmother was Kunigunde Hopfengartner and how we are connected.  I hope to provide some new information to my gram on her family that stayed over in Europe when my gram and her mother came to the United States.

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