Getting Ready for a Wedding -- Hopfengartner's (1908)


This photo was taken I believe outside the Hopfengartner house in Holobkov in June 1908 for the wedding on Anton Muhlig and Greta Hopfengartner.

 Top Row: Franz Bartos (husband of Anezka, Dr. Karl Springer (husband of Wilhelmina), Edward Gork, nee. Gans (husband of Mathilde), Adolf Hopfengartner. Middle Row: Gen. Ferdinand von Scholz (husband of Karoline), Adolf's first wife (name unknown), Greta and Anton Muhlig, Kunigunge, Anezka, Franz Macsek (husband of Kunigunde). Bottom Row:  Maria, Mathilde, Wilhelmine, Dr. Josef Muhlig (husband of Maria), Wilhelmine Hopfengartner, Max Hopfengartner, Karoline.

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