Making connections

I think for the first time I made contact with a relative of mine because of my blogging.  I have been blogging for a few years now, and have gotten some good contacts but don't remember meeting any new relatives based off the writing until the other day.

I woke up one morning and checked my email to find a random person wanted to be my friend on Facebook.  Additionally they sent me an email, which was good because I had no idea who they were.  I found out pretty quickly that they are related to me via my Hopfengartner line (My maternal great great grandmother sister).  

My relative put me in contact with her dad where we started exchanging email about the family.  I learned alot about the family and to top it off he had a picture of the family from 1908.  And additional bonus was that the picture contained Franz Maczek (my gram's grandfather) who I have been searching for a photo of him for her.  She does not remember what he looks like.

Another great thing that happened was that he put me in contact with another one of my relatives with more stories and a picture from 1905.  And from there she put me in contact with her sister.  I thought I had hit a brick wall with the Hopfengartner's but we maybe able to get somewhere with the help of my new relatives.

All in all not a bad week in the next few posts, I will show the new photo's that have been added to my collection.

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