23andMe results are in

I was half expecting to wait about another 3 weeks before my results would be processed, but the other night I received an email from the company stating my DNA had been processed and was available to view.

I jumped onto the website and  went to the home screen for 23andMe.  I can tell you it was a lot of information to process in front of my eyes.  It was also nice how for certain traits you have to unlock them so it just doesn't shout out to you "Hey you have a 99% change of getting Alzheimer.

It does have the results for that and many other risks, drug resistance's and other little tidbits of information.  About the only thing that I wonder about right now is the Macular Degeneration risk that shows a whopping 57% risk for me (age range starting at 43) so I have a few years to worry about it.   Another one that was interesting was the RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) which I pretty much new anyway, Im always moving my legs, getting the every to say stop shaking.    One that I thought was surprising is I did not see any type of Arthritis as a high risk as I was trying to see if it might be possible to research the joint issues in the family.  Possible to get better information from my mom's results.

I wonder if I can print this out and bring it to the doctor, would they care?  Would they look into the high risk's associated with my DNA?  I really don't have to worry about insurance at this point so maybe I should.

But back to the main point of this topic was for 23andMe so I can do the Relative finder and see if I have any DNA relatives that I don;'t know about.  As of this posting it was still processing my findings (990) so that will be interesting.  It said it could take up to a week, but I believe it will be faster then that.   Next I am waiting for my Dads, Moms, and one of my brothers info to show up on the site so we can all connect.

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