1900 Dunmore Street Index Completed

Tonight I finished the 1900 Dunmore Street Index.  I finished Ward 1-6 consisting of Districts: 19-26.  There was over 200 images at least.  Its pretty simple made in an excel document for easy access.  If I can figure out how to transcribe it into a search database I will, maybe put it into an access database, or mysql?

Anyone have any suggestions?  Its about 9 worksheets written in excel 2007.  I can I can place each page online somewhere also, I will be contacting the USGENWEB for Lackawanna to see if they would like to host it also.

I don't believe it is in a violation, as it does not directly connect to the Ancestry website it just based off those images, and all it shows is District/Ward, Image, and Housing Numbers, but NO NAMES.

My next Street Index will be Scranton for the 1900, we will see how long that takes.

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