Street Index updated to Access

I just updated the database to an access database.  Looks like it will run smoother now.  Next I will find some place I can get it online to make it available.  Also wanted to let everyone know that I will start the street index fro Scranton next.
If anyone is wondering why I am doing these, it is because these area's are were my paternal side of my family is from.  I was having a hard time finding some of the names, but I did know the street address where they grew up.  After looking at the census, I realized that they showed the street names, but there was no current way on how to search on sites like or any other site that has census images available.
I started with the 1900 because that was one of the census records that I was having the hardest time trying to pinpoint the names of family members knowing that it was right under my nose.

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