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     I figured I would add my two cents into the world of backups, online storage ect.  But first let me give you a little background.  I have been working into computers/networks for the past 15-20 years.  I currently work in the Navy as an Information System Technician (IT).  I have been in for almost 12 years now, wow just writing that makes it sound like its a long time.  (side bar - only 8 more years left).
     In my job, I have to do alot of backups, and not only that but making carbon copies of tere-bytes of data multiple times a month.  In my experience the best tool for that job was Always-Sync.  To be fair though there is another piece of software that I have not had a chance to fully test, Microsoft SyncToys.
     Always-Sync has a nice easy interface, and copies files fast, it also has the ability to setup differential copies.  For anyone who does not understand it will verify the folder/folders you are copying against were you are copying to and only copy the files that are modified/new/deleted.   It will not delete the files unless you specify.
     As for online storage, I have not really gotten that much involved, I was personally waiting for GDrive (I use pretty much everything Google comes out with).  Instead of rehashing what is already put out there,  I think in a future post though I will go into detail about these systems.  I am currently looking at Idrive, Adrive, XDrive, and an Humyo

All of there strengths and weakness's.
I want to know bandwith, storage size, ease of use, and encryption.
Here is a quick look at the Free Storage size's.
             Free Storage Size        
IDrive         2GB
ADrive       50GB
XDrive       5GB
Humyo       6GB

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