Can I Scan an entire FHC Microfilm to USB?

Now that I have been going to FHC for two day to look over the microfilm I am starting to wonder if I could not just get a large enough thumb drive and copy the contents onto them.    I do have a few questions and concerns as whether its possible.

I would only be using this for my own research, and not posting the entire contents anywhere.
Second this would let me create my own index of pages so I can find things quicker while waiting for them to post these films online.

My questions are:

1.  Does FHC allow the full copy of films for non-commercial use?
2.  If possible what would be the average time to copy 1 microfilm (I understand that they are all differant lengths but looking for an average here).
3.  How big of a file would be created per image?
4.  How big of a thumb drive do you think would work (per film)  I have a 16GB thumb drive. currently.

I know that they charge 1$ per hour to use the scanners at the local FHC which does not bother me, I am willing to pay for the time it takes to copy them if possible.  I am just looking for simplicity of having them available on my schedule and at my place (for those time were its the middle of the night and you want to verify something.)

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