Brick Walls: Revisting the Wall

In the second part of my journey to start up my research I am going to look at my Brick Walls, and post as much information as I can about them.  I hope either by writing them down I might catch something new, or that someone who happens upon the pages here might have some information about the brick walls.

In no specific order:

Robert Jannot (Lachapelle Line)
DOB:  1601 in La Chapelle, France.
Marriage: Jeanne Die Piennes.
     -Child Martin Jannot Lachapelle  married Francoise Besnard.
     -Child Pierre Jannot dit Lachapelle

Jean Robitaille
DOB: 1790's
Marriage: Marie Cantin (about 1790s)
     -Child Jean Robitaille 1802-1849 married Adelaide Delisle

Jane Price Decker

DOB:  April 1844/1845
POB: Wales
Immigration: 1851 (48 yrs in America based off 1900)
Possible Relatives: Daniel Price

Hannah Teal
Birth: 1809 (based of census reports) - not 100% accurate of course.
Place of birth: PA (according to census)
Marriage:  1826 Mar 31 according to newspaper article (do a search for teal).
Spouse:  Andrew Decker (he died in/around 1855)

Peter Toomey (Great Great Grandfather)  -  I know nothing, except he is buried in unmarked grave in Cathedral Cemetery in Scranton, PA.

Anastasia Toomey (Great Great Grandmother)
B. Jan 1848
D. 1911 (buried in Cathedral Cemtery)
Immigration: 1894 per census records

 Gerrity Sisters

Andrew Decker
DOB/POB:  1804, Dumore/Moosic PA
Spouse: Hannah Teal
Possible Father: Isaac Decker

Isaac Decker
*Born 1775 (NY/PA)
*Children: Andrew Decker
*Might be a connection to surname RACE (Possible Wife surname) 
*RACE surname seen later down as living with family.

Elizabeth Maines
*Born: Jan 6, 1845 South Canaan, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
*Married:  George H. Jackson on Jan1, 1866 Waymart, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
*Died: Jun 30, 1905 Dunmore PA
*Children:  Maude, Joseph, Clarence 
*  Believe her parents are Peter Maines and Catherine Swingle
*If that is correct don't know anything about her parents except names then.
Franz Maczek
*Born: 1869 Austria
*Married Kunigunde Hopfengartner Vienna (unk date)
*Died: 1941 
*Children:  Karl, Max, Franz, Walter, Ernest
* Was a Baron in Austria due to military service.  

Anna Kondrc (married name)
*Born: unknown Slovakia
*Married: Jan Kondrc (date unknown)
*Children:  Cecilia (Sister Cecilia), Tonka, Agnus, Maria, Edo (others)
*Death: 1954

Nathan Perutz
Born: 1700-1710 Austria
Marriage: Zlata Goldele

Heinrich Hopfengartner
Born: 11694 Germany
Married: Kunigunde Michelzeblen
Children:  Johan Hopfengartner who married Margaretha Volkel

Pavol Benjak
Born: 1860ish Slovakia
Married: Maria Lisciski
Children:  Anna Benjak, Michael Benjak, Maria Benjak, and Terezia Benjak

John Kondrc
Born: 1820 Slovakia (Bucany)
Married:  Maria Benadik
Children: Over line has Michael Kondrc

Sister Cecilia Kondrc
Trying to tie her to my family of Kondrc still.

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