A new start.

When I deployed I put my research on halt.  There just was not enough time or bandwidth available to do any real research.  Now that I am back, I have been trying to get back in the swing of things and tried to start doing some searching.  But its not working very well at the moment as there is not a path to follow.  I really do not even remember what I was researching over a year ago.  I could possibly look back over this blog and it might give me a few hints, but for everything I post on here there are dozen of other things that I am researching, documenting. 

Without a starting point I feel like I am just stabbing in the dark, and so far it has not been working for me.  On top of that you loose that motivation you started with when there is no organization.  Granted I am really not one for organization, but I could use a big X marks the spot right about now.   I started with the basic family names jumping around doing random searches to no avail.  I need to narrow things down, find out where I left off, and figure out where I need to go from there.  

Even going back through my notes I really could not tell you what I was doing research wise before I left last year.  In hopes to get a starting point I am going to work on creating a updated Brick Wall list, just maybe that will lead to something new.

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