Franz Maczek possible Birth Record

Its been a long time since I have made a post, but I decided to start searching again tonight, and I believe I may have found one of my brick walls.  Franz Maczek born 1869 in Wahring.  I was at after doing some generic searches over at Genteam (if you have family in Austria/Germany use that site, its free and they add to it constantly.

But back to the point. I am attaching two photo's and I need help translating these.  Quick look states that its a Franz Macek (not Maczek) but there is a note on the second one where the name Maczek was used.  Its shows his parents name.  So what do you all think.

Here is the first picture where it got my hopes up.  But as you can see half of the page is covered.  Not to worry the page before is the same image with the covered page on the right side next.

Maczek Page 1
Maczek Page 1

Ok folks here is pages 2

Maczek Page 2
Maczek Page 2

If anyone can translate or help steer me in my search please leave a comment below.  

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